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Mid-California Fur/Scalie/Anthro/Therian Community
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This is a community at LJ for Furs, scalies, and anthros in middle California, particularly outside of the SF and LA metro areas. This refers to this area:

If youre a fur or scaly who lives in the Mountain Counties, Great Basin valleys, San Joaquin Valley, Sacramento Valley, and North central Coast, we're talking to you: JOIN!!!

but if you're living in south Central Coast, Mojave Desert, south coast, san Diego, and Salton sea, they have a community for you: socalfurryteens. go join!

If you live in the Sonoma area or vicinity, then go to sonoma_furry.

If you live in SF and the Bay Area, then join bafur.

Or if you live in California period, then come join calikinia (i couldn't find a community for california furs in general, so this is the closest to one).

And if you live on the West Coast at all, check out westcoastfurs. Great community.

But now for the mid-Cali furs, scalies, anthros, therians, and otherkin who want to join: no flaming, no annoying crap, and play nice. That's all we ask. Thanx! :D

manager: rayne_vandunem